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Billey Madison: Talented And Gifted




Billey Madison: Talented And Gifted

Ari Howard

Billey Madison. 1 of the best in the game, 1 of the best in the city and 1 of the best in the midwest without a doubt. You can not deny talent. I remember my bestfriend playing his music and my first response was "why didn't you tell me your little brother could rap?!?" From that day forward, I became a fan and a supporter.  He became a little brother to me. His vision and his drive can not be denied. His talent and his ear for the proper beat selection is PERFECT. From the Eastside of Detroit, Michigan and you'd never know it. He isn't the typical rapper and he damn sure isn't the typical Detroit rapper. Earning 44,000 Youtube views from 1 of his videos titled "Out Of My Head" with the old school SWV-You're Always On My Mind sample, You can see how far he's come and you can see exactly where he's headed. “Bottles Of Liquor" pays homage to another old school classic. This time, he stays at home with this joint by sampling Dale-Soulful Moaning, a underground Detroit classic. The old school mixed in with the new school. His mixtape “A Tape Full Of Vibes” is a classic from top to bottom. The lyrics compliment the samples and the samples compliment the lyrics. It’s not the typical “Detroit Sound” The new school can embrace it and relate to it. The old school can embrace it and relate to it. He hits every angle. Speaking on topics such as failed friendships, being the man of the family. providing for the family, his own personal struggles, the struggles that young black men go through, etc. You can catch a vibe, party, hear some motivation, and shed some tears listening to him. Good classic music for the soul. Something that’s missing from the rap game and something that’s missing from music in general. Another classic under his belt. A REAL ARTIST with REAL RAW EMOTIONS. One way or another, the game will know him and the game will embrace him. Organic artist like himself are rare. He doesn’t make druggie music. He doesn’t make degrading music. He makes real music that you can vibe to. Real music with a soulful feel. You can hear the passion. Listen to Billey Madison and catch a vibe you can’t catch anywhere else.

"Out Of My Head" feat. Maria Alaine Follow Billey Madison on all Twitter, Instagram, and Soundcloud @Bileymadison Download Billey Madison 2 Filmed By Morgan Brothers Films
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