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Ari howard

L-R: Ari, Myself, my wife Jess, and Lance at a #HashTagLunchBag event.

L-R: Ari, Myself, my wife Jess, and Lance at a #HashTagLunchBag event.

When I started Detroit Cousin as a blog the only idea that kept bouncing in my mind was "togetherness". No lie, like I just wanted to create a hub where I can find stories about the good things happening in Detroit and give it more exposure -- the bio goes a bit more into that. However, I knew that I could not and would not want to do this alone, enter Ari Howard and Lance Peterson. There was a time where it looked like I would have to live in Texas so I needed somebody that saw the vision and believed in what DC was about. Now the prevailing thought is to never do business with friends, family, or anybody close to you for that matter.

However, my wife Jessica has been my greatest parter. So I took a chance because Ari saw what I saw, he saw that change starts wherever you are. You don't have to be a perfect or have things lined up nor do you have to wait from "authoritative persons". Do what you can however you can, where ever you can and thats how change begins and ever since then Ari, myself, and Lance have pushed forward as the owners of Detroit Cousin and I haven't looked back since.