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We are not here to save or revive Detroit. We are here to invest our skillset.

about Michael cousins II

I was kicked out of the graphic design BFA program at the end of my sophomore year of college. In a nutshell they told me to reapply when I got better. So I spent the summer working for a local advertisement agency in Niles, Michigan co-headed by Muta Mwenya & Glenn Roper. At Edwin Bertram Advertising, I was thrown in the fire and learned how to run a business while growing as a designer. When the summer ended, seeing how far I had progressed in comparison to my classmates. I put "academic red tape" aside I graduated without the BFA.

Detroit Cousin started in October 2010 as a blog and an outlet to put an otherwise positive spin on the negative and more prevalent narrative that was Detroit's image. The name was derived from being born and raised shortly in Detroit to then be moved to Oak Park, so I acknowledge my role as a cousin of the Detroit family. Soon I saw that I needed to invest the skills I had gained at the agency back home. Shortly after, I started 'Be the change you want to see in the Detroit" meme and quickly saw how much it resonated with people - so I put it on a tee. As things picked up I needed more help outside the work my wife Jessica and I were already putting in.

As fate would have it my friends Ari, Lance, Nathan, & Che came aboard to push the "Be the change" campaign forward. Detroit Cousin now has evolved into a design studio specializing in identity & collateral design. I work with companies and organizations to get them results so If you are in need of a identity face lift or just staring out, lets talk