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Process F.A.Q.

in a nutshell, whats the process?

After I’ve asked the questions I need to so I can get a solid understanding, a PDF presentation will be sent showcasing effective design options. When the client is happy with the results, the design in its original formats will be delivered along with full ownership.


Brief & Sketching

Q&A design brief that helps the client clarify what they need. Followed by hand sketching to help find a strong design direction. Going straight to a computer often restricts possibilities and that creative freedom is essential to the exploration of many directions before narrowing it down to what works.



The strongest two or three designs are shown in .pdf format where the client can think over the designs and provide feedback. Once the strongest designs are developed, they are taken into a digital program like Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop for refinement.


Finishing touch

This involves making revisions until the right direction is reached. The aim is to develop a visual identity that is inline with the clients vision and works for decades to come. If this sounds like a direction you want to move in, lets talk!


What exactly do you sell?

I sell identity design that differentiates clients from their competition by focusing on their unique history and goals. If you are on the fence about the cost of working with us, check this snippet about investing in yourself.


How much does it cost to work with you?

It varies depending on what (you) the client wants. Think of your event/brand’s visual identity as an investment. It’s something that – once done thoughtfully - will pay off year after year. Ready to invest in yourself? Lets talk


How do you accept payment FOR WORK?

Generally, it is a 50% down-payment by paypal, square, or stripe before scheduling the work. The remaining 50% is paid on completion just before I send the original artwork. However, depending on the project a customized payment plan may be needed.


Can you match the price of So & So?



I want it to look like "SO & So

Do you want to fit in or make yourself known? It might be a little more difficult in crafting an identity that stands out. However, using current trends for the sake of being current is unfair, especially when a client has to return because their identity is out-of-date.


How long will it take?

Time frames generally vary. It depends on what the client is requesting.


Can you start now?

Email me and to find out if now is an option.  I won’t work on more than four projects at a time so that way those who hire me will get a lot more of my time and attention.