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Branding 101: Prince’s Custom-Font Symbol Floppy Disks




Branding 101: Prince’s Custom-Font Symbol Floppy Disks

michael cousins


Steve Parke, who worked with Prince at the time, helped mail out the floppy disks. “He basically wanted people to start using that for his name in journalism,” Parke recalled, “and — I gotta be honest with you — I was like, ‘huh.’ I just remember when started I looking at those things I was like, ‘Really? I wonder how that’s gonna play out.’”

It worked out pretty well. “I just remember maybe six months later,” Parke noted, “looking through Rolling Stone one time and seeing that symbol and I’m like, ‘Wow, that’s pretty impressive.’” After all, could any other artist convince a major music publication to integrate a custom font?...I think he was very forward-thinking,” Parke remembered. “I think what happened a lot of time for him — not to be funny — he had an idea and the truth of the matter is the technology wasn’t quite there for what he wanted.”

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