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A new direction




A new direction

Ari howard

It has been quite a journey for me seeing the impact that it has created, it pretty humbling. For those not in the know here is a brief recap:

  • Returned from school only to realize design was being sold for cheap, with no value.
  • Witnessed the mayoral debacle and the even further broken and bitter spirit in residents.
  • Started a Tumblr blog just to highlight the positive things going on.
  • Found an old design project from school with a Ghandi quote and inserted Detroit
  • I wanted the quote to get maximum exposure and the internet won't cut it

Three years later and the message still resonates with people from all over the country. It was no easy task either since I went in head first, I had delays on deliveries, and print vendors not coming through on their word - etc. Yet, all in all you folks were understanding I am grateful to you for that. As happy as I am that the shirts have been a positive impact I want my passion for design outside of shirts to also be integrated into DC. I don't think that design itself can change the world for good but I do think that thoughtful intention in the design process will -- so thats what I will do...

Stay tuned.

- Michael Cousins