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Dedication keeps three fellows in Detroit

Ari howard

Of all the programs and initiatives designed to invite talented young professionals to work in Detroit, most desire a simple outcome: that those people, whether they come from somewhere else or are natives to Detroit, stay and continue to make an impact while building a life in the city. More via Model D

Real Scenes: Detroit Music

Ari howard

"You can't talk about electronic music without mentioning Detroit. That's why in the second edition of Real Scenes, RA and Bench went to the city which birthed the genre we now call techno. 

Detroit has always had a creative streak, due in large part to the boom and subsequent bust of the auto industry. Quite simply, Detroit is a city of extremes, and its music reflects that. These days, Detroit's importance in the global electronic music scene is often referred to in the past tense. When we visited the city, though, we found a number of artists with their eyes (and ears) firmly set towards the future. After our time in the Motor City, it's clear to us that Detroit will endure and innovate for years to come." via Resident Advisor

ONYX Collection

Ari howard

It is said that the onyx stone represents inner-strength, will-power, and focus along with other resilient qualities. Don't those sound like familiar traits of Detroiter's -- down but never out. I wanted the Onyx collection to embody that - to embody that though it may not always be "seen" on the outside, it is definitely recognized. Respected.

That is the ONYX Collection. 

Blair Evans

Ari howard

What can we learn from observing the self-sustaining ecosystems of the natural world? And with that knowledge, how can we design systems of our own, systems of all kinds, that mimic the intrinsic balance of ecosystems, with their capacity for diversity, renewal, and the transformation of waste into energy?

These are the kinds of big questions posed by practitioners of permaculture, an approach to systems design with deep roots in agriculture but implications for, well, just about everything. read more via UIXD


Ari howard

The Detroit Design Festival is North America’s festival of independent design. With over 500 designers, 25,000 attendees and 30 Design Happenings, the DDF is our time to celebrate Detroit’s role as a global center of design and creativity. Concentrated in Detroit’s Creative Corridor and various neighborhoods throughout the city, events and installations will showcase Detroit’s cutting-edge design with the rest of the world.

Emory Douglas

Ari howard

"The majority of the world is populated by people of color. Anything can be diverse if diverse people get involved in it."

Listen to a conversation with Emory Douglas, the former Minister of Culture for the Black Panther Party from 1960-1981. His graphic art was featured in most issues of the newspaper The Black Panther (which had a peak circulation of 139,000 per week in 1970) listen at Revision Path